12. syyskuuta 2013

Time to Advertise

Okay, first of all if you still don't know about Lacebook, you should go to there now!


It's like a Facebook but for Lolitas. To sign up you have to use someones nickname who has already signed up as a "inviting code". You can use mine (Namuless) if you decide to register there.

And then another thing:


We made another blog for stuff like handicrafts, drawings and such a things which we're going to sell at Tracon next weekend (it's only in Finnish though). If you're interested check it out and come to say hi us in art alley if you're going to Tracon.

What about else? Now I'm stressing a little about the weekend and tired but I'll write next time after next week's Monday or Friday, let's see when. See ya!

7. syyskuuta 2013

Changes and a challenge

I changed layout again 'cause last one looked too messy. I still have things to fix and I'm going to add some kind of profile picture thing to the sidebar. But what do you think, do you like my face on header? :'D

Also I got a challenge from Cchuboi, check out her blog (it's cute!). I've done this challenge before but because "I don't have" anything better to do I'm going to do it.

Rules of this challenge:

1. Each challenged have to tell 11 things about herself
2. You also have to answer to challengers 11 questions
3. Challenged has to create new 11 questions for new challenged
4. You need to challenge 11 bloggers who have 200 or less readers
5. You have to tell who have you challenged
6. Don't challenge back to the person who challenged you

11 things about myself:

1. I've studied English (9 years), Swedish (5 years), Japanese (2 years) and French (less than half a year).

2. My favorite season is definitely winter.

3. I've danced over seven years and still I'm not flexible.

4. When I was kid I wanted to start ballet but my mom didn't allow me to do that.

5. I'm not really musical. I can't sing or play any instrument. Sometimes I feel bad about it because I think musical people are just cool.

6. I laugh often. Keeping poker face is almost impossible to me.

7. I love chocolate but also apple pies and rice porridge with cinnamon and sugar.

8. My favorite school subjects are art, history, mother tongue and handicrafts.

9. I don't watch scary movies, I freakin' hate them! I don't get it why you should watch something which scares you.

10. I don't like aquariums. I liked but then they started to have octopusses and rays.

11. I used to be morning person but nowadays I'm night owl.

Questions I got:

1. Which do you prefer more: hot shower or hot bath?

Hot shower because we don't even have in our house bathtub. Of course I'm almost always happy when I get a chance to go to bath but still I prefer hot shower. Also it's more environmentally friendly!

2. Have you been in another country, where?

Ohohohoho yes I have been, last time I was in Canada (I still have done a post about it, sorry guys!) but mostly I have traveled in Europe. I would like to visit again in Italy, especially in Rome, and in France.

3. Who is your style idol?

Umm I say I like Minori's style a lot. Especially I adore her make up.

4. Have you got new friends from Internet?

Yes, I have. I think it's also a good way to get friends because sometimes your own city isn't just enough.

5. Do you like candies?

Umm yes? Many of you might know I really love chocolate but also everything sweet. But I really don't like sour candies and salmiakki/salty liquorice (I must say I've got used to it lately but still if I can avoid it I'll do it).

6. What is your favorite smell/perfume?

I don't really have favorite perfume, everything is fine as long as it doesn't stink (oh yeah you don't say, what's the point if perfume stinks?).

7. If you were some really important person of your country, what would you do?

Probably remove Mondays.

8. Are you good in math?

I would like to say I am but I'm not. I was but when I went to upper secondary school things changed. I've always hated math so I'm not surprised the result.

9. Have you dreams and hopes?

Yeah, many of them. I hope things and attitudes would change in world but I also dream that one day I have a chance to visit in Japan. Also I dream I would get my dream dress from different lolita brands.

10. What kind of music do you like to listen?

My taste of music is miscellaneous. I listen to Western and Asian music, heavy metal and pop, techno and classical so I would say I don't really hate particular music genre. Of course there's some artists and bands which I don't like but still I can listen to them without suffering.

11. Have you had a good day?

Yes, absolutely! I've got many things without paying much and have seen the process of making own necklaces. Of course the most happiest thing was getting fast food lowed price :'D

And then my Questions:

1. Your favorite TV/movie character?
2. What was your first cell phone?
3. If you had a chance to choose one skill to learn perfectly which one would you choose?
4. Did you have a favorite plushie when you was kid?
5. Cold or hot shower?
6. Which color do you hate the most?
7. The funniest thing you've ever heard?
8. One thing you want to do before you'll die.
9. The worst movie you've ever seen?
10. The strangest compliment you've ever got?
11. A word/words you use very often?

Who will get the challenge?

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2. syyskuuta 2013

Hello Autumn!

Pictures from my Tumblr blog.

Eilen oikeasti tuntui siltä, että syksy tulee. Viime päivinä on ollut todella lämmin ja aurinkoista, mutta eilen ulkona oli jo harmaata. En sanoisi nauttivani paljoakaan vesisateista ja harmaasta - haluaisin jo talven tulevan! Syksyssä kuitenkin kauneinta on ruska, sekä kivointa se, että kerrospukeutuminen on jälleen sallittu.

    Yesterday it really felt like autumn is coming. Lately it has been really warm and sunny but yesterday was rainy. I can't say I really like rainy days and grey weather - I want that winter comes already! Anyway I like autumn colors, and it's okay again to wear more clothes.

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