12. syyskuuta 2013

Time to Advertise

Okay, first of all if you still don't know about Lacebook, you should go to there now!


It's like a Facebook but for Lolitas. To sign up you have to use someones nickname who has already signed up as a "inviting code". You can use mine (Namuless) if you decide to register there.

And then another thing:


We made another blog for stuff like handicrafts, drawings and such a things which we're going to sell at Tracon next weekend (it's only in Finnish though). If you're interested check it out and come to say hi us in art alley if you're going to Tracon.

What about else? Now I'm stressing a little about the weekend and tired but I'll write next time after next week's Monday or Friday, let's see when. See ya!

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