11. tammikuuta 2012

Happy Birthday to... me

I decide to write this in english so prepare yourself; the text will have some typos~

Yeah it's my 17th birthday today and I got so many hugs, presents and wishes from friends. I got also two text messages and I'm afraid of to watch how many wishes in my Facebook are... Thanks to everybody about wishes and hugs and stuffs~ I prefer that than parties 'cause I haven't never been that keen on parties.

On Saturday I have meeting with other lolitas in Enfant Terrible and I'm really waiting it. It's my first meeting in Terrible but not in my life. I know what I'll wore there but I'm still thinking hair, coat and bag :/

But today, my birthday! I'm going to get winter coat from parents soon (it depends when we can go to shopping~) but now I got two pouch of chocolate. But also I got from my friend moomins mug! Aww it's still so cute and awesome! But I don't actually know is the card better than the present XD (both are so cool!)

Laiskottelu on parhaimmillaan silloin, kun olisi oikein paljon tekemistä. / Being lazy is then more pleasent when you had many things to do.

"Bon anniversaire ma cheré amie! - years are only getting bigger and better so no worrys my dear friend 'cause you are not alone ♥"

I got also this! (Thankies Giko~) I have watched Gosik before but it still unfinished so mayby this will motivate me :3

There's also photo from my outfit from Monday. I wore my new IW's dress to school and many praised it (of course 'cause it's freakin pretty dress I ever had! :'D).

My next week will be busy 'cause I have to study, study and study :/ Also I have to draw something 'cause I haven't done anything nice in this month. Mayby I'll manage it somehow but guys! Have awesome week and weekend, I'll eat more cake later~

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  1. Vielä kerran onnee~
    Niin ja toivottavasti huomasit katsoa sen sisälle, sillä Victoriquen piirtäminen tuotti tuskaa, verta ja vielä enemmän tuskaa (eikun siis... ^^'). Mutta sääli etten saanut onnitella sua ihan kasvotusten... ^^'

    1. Äwwääwäw en huomannut mutta nyt kun mainitsit katsoin ja ihastuin! Victorique on ihana ja onnistunut, sillä se näyttää ihan itseltään kaikessa kokonaisuudessaan! Uuffufufu tämä pääsee jonnekin esille ei tällästa sovi pantata piilossa~ Kiitos oikein paljon!