13. tammikuuta 2013

Happy Birthday to... me

Hello guys! I had birthday last Friday and we celebrated it with few friends at Cremelice's place. It was actually Petra's and mine birthday party and also Cremelice's housewarming party (she had nice place, spacious and all~).

Also I celebrated yesterday with few relatives and friends. After food, dessert and Putous (Finnish comedy show) we closed into my room to sing karaoke from youtube with Giko and Jani. We also listened to k-pop after we had sang some afwul songs (like Robin, Tuuli, Antti Tuisku and Dingo).

Vanha kuin taivas, mutta tulipa eilen mieleen tämäkin.

Okay, I must admit that k-pop doesn't sound that bad at all. Actually Super Junior's SPY, Shinee's Sherlock and Big Bang's Fantastic Baby are nice songs. That's really huge step from me since I have always hated k-pop and its men in leather pants.

Of course I got a lot of presents and money.

Presents from Aino, Petra&Kaisla, Vilma and Giko

Next week I'm heading to Helsinki so I think I'm going to spend some money to buy to myself late birthday present~

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