26. huhtikuuta 2013

Just letting you know

I just had to change previous layout to something a bit darker. Even thought I'm trying to avoid black as much as necessary it's my favorite color after all - and actually I got this idea when I was using tumblr.

But yeah, tomorrow I'm heading to Oulu and going to win street dance champion ship. I'm really excited about it even if I've been before at that competition but I've never travelled out my town to compete... if u know what I'm meaning~

I hope we'll get gold but the most important thing is of course that we have fun and do our best :3

I'm going to write something 'bout this week after I've headed back but until then see ya and wish me luck! (Ahkerimmat voivat seurata kisatunnelmia twitterin välityksellä~)

Image from tumblr.

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