4. toukokuuta 2014

Everyday challenge on Facebook

I got Everyday challenge on Facebook from my friend and its idea is to describe every day life during five days by photos. I don't know is it very common in other countries but at least most Finns are already bored to death with it :'D I thought I would share this with you because it describes well what I've been doing during these five days.

Day 1 - Tuesday

I found two skeches from the first grade of upper secondary school. I can remember how proud I was of them and I can say I'm still. The last one is some old OC made for LotR fanfiction, I quess.

Day 2 - Wednesday

I decided on that day to do before-after thing. I was going on that day to photoshoot with Aino and Giko - it was actually May Day's eve and I'm going to write more about that later~

Day 3 - Thursday

More old skeches! This time they're from the ninth grade of middle school. I don't even remember I've drew that first skech! The other one is my old RPG character (ugh unfinished fingers again...).

Day 4 - Friday

On that day I got souvenirs from my parents who had been in South France. Those macarons were really good by the way~

Day 5 - Saturday

The last day of every day challenge! We went to Turku to Jättirätti to buy some fabrics to Persona group cosplay with Giko, Hajamiel and J-pon~ It was a really interesting trip, Hajamiel was the driver and Giko the navigator but we managed to get in there without any bigger incidents. Also on that day we went to the Finnish fast food restaurant called Hesburger.

That's all for now, see you next time~

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