4. helmikuuta 2013

Do you like waffles?

I just must say that I'm now really tired but I had great time today with Vilma and Cremelice (kiitti vielä vohveleista~).

But exam week is finaly over and a new period starts tomorrow. Easy and lazy days are now over and I must start work harder if I want to achieve something... but I'm happy I have at least three art courses (one of them are focusing to comics, yay!).

I tried my new transparent teapot and boiled some tea at the weekend. Also I eated some waffles today at Cremelice's place (btw nutella is as good as jelly with waffles) and I'm still full.

Also I got that hairpiece from Cremelice (I know the picture isn't that good as it should be) and that brown box from my parents as a name day present (I think it's the world's the most unnecessariest celebration ever). The box included something concerning to chocolate (which is just fine to me~).

I have also some photoshoot plans but let's see what happens in near future~ See ya and have a nice evening~

4 kommenttia:

  1. Kukapa ei vohveleista pitäisi... Uguu haluan tollasen teepannun! Haluan kaikenlaisia teepannuja!

    1. näen jo rivin erilaisia teepannuja... *w*

      mut vohvelit on juu hyviiii o/

  2. that teapot is so cute! study hard and good luck! ^ ^