24. huhtikuuta 2012

Testing my camera

I had on Sunday brunch and all what I can say that day the food tasted delicious! I can't remember that place's name but I'll tell you it if it comes back on my mind.

Yesterday was typical Monday on school. I was tired, again, and we had something... disgusting school meat, again. Also I practised to use my camera at art lesson and took some photos. Actually I tried what kind of affect does white balance have if I change it.

Also today was typical school day but we had pea soup for dinner. I have always hated it so I didn't eat it but two crisp bread and berry curd (which was our dessert) helped me survive. After school I decide to take more photos for my next task which deadline is tomorrow.

Btw I made sketches section! I'll put there all the best sketches what I have drew, enjoy!

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