5. huhtikuuta 2012

It's time for a holiday!

My last period is now over and today I had first day in new period. Of course it was little boring when it was just one day before the Easter holiday :/ I mean, it would had be better if we had just exam week before the holiday, not also one "normal" day. Oh well, I have to admit it's awesome have two more days free :3

But if I had to name some good works from last period, I would choose these two:

It was my very first time when I tried ink. Believe me, it will be my last time XD I spent so much time on that sea and spoiled too many times ink on table, on my work and on my friend's work. Hrrrr, I don't want to recall that moment. But also I haven't ever drew with caricature before. It was... well, little fun but I really was afraid of that it would look too much chibi-style. But I succeed and got 10 (=a perfect score) :3

Because today started the new period I was at the first time at photographing course. We didn't do anything special but refresh our memories about how use the camera. But it wasn't useless! I learned how to improve photo's quality and how is the best way to get photos on winter (when it's freezing). Also I get some photos:

After school I went to shopping mall (alias Koskari as we have a habit to call it) with my mom and brother and I got two pairs of shoes. Actually now I feel I don't need any new shoes for a while if we don't talk about rocking horses XD

I'm going to translate my past postings in english but it can take some time. Oh and the most! Happy Easter! Eat as much chocolate eggs as you can!

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