2. kesäkuuta 2013

A little seweti sew things

Ah, it's finaly summer vacation! It's time to forget which day is today or what time it is.

I haven't actually done anything special I think. Yesterday I got my certificate and after that went to Giko to watch Toaru Kagaku no Railgun all 24 first season's episodes (and we finished it earlier than thought!). We're going to cosplay from it for Animecon and that's why I was there watching it - though we found more to watch so maybe we'll have another anime marathon.

But hey, watch it! Best (and most annoying in my anime history) women villain what you can see I think.

Earlier we had in our school some activities: we had cotton candy and bounce castle (something like that maybe?) outside school yard and also spring festival where I was modeling in our "fashion show" from handicrafts. I made a lolita dress during that course and wore it on that day (unfortunately I don't have a picture of myself but only from a dress) and I think I succeed better than I thought.

For that event I bought Innocent World's sock toppers.

On Friday I was on the beach trying to sunbathe (but as you can quess in Finland it's nearly impossible to tan) and after that I went to buy fabrics for a cosplay.

...But there were in sale box this floral fabric! It literally shouted my name and I had to take it with me. I hope I have time to sew another dress during summer vacation but maybe I really have.

7 kommenttia:

  1. en tuu ikinä pääseen yli tosta mekosta, oot paras! *u*

  2. Toi mekko on kyllä upeen näköne~ ja tosiaan koskas seuraava anime maratooni? ;D

    1. Kiitos ja empäs tiedä, varmaan joskus piakkoin? ~

    2. No ehkä kyetään sopimaan joku hyvä päivä sille ^^

  3. Ihana mekko *o* tosi upea ja näköisesi :)