11. kesäkuuta 2013

It was a rainy day

Yesterday I was shopping with Aino and I'm just glad we managed to get out of there before that awful rainstorm.

Mostly I bought cosplay-related stuff like new shoes and shorts for Misaka outfit but I've needed new shorts so I think it was worth of it.

It's fanart of my friend's character for little competition. I have to thank my brother 'cause he knows better than I weapons and stuff like that.

Because of thunder I drew (actually colored) this yesterday and this morning I thought maybe I'm not that bad at all... I'm not sure when I get another chance to continue it - maybe today or after Desucon, I don't know.

It's not my only project at the moment, I've started this before it.

I think I have mentioned it before but yeah, I got inspiration from Babymetal's song but actually I think I'm going to use these three girls on my comic too...

Sometimes I think I haven't improved my drawing skills but then I found this.

Have a nice day~

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