20. joulukuuta 2012

a three-day-combo!

I'm awfully sorry but my computer still doesn't work well and I have varyingly chances to write blog posts on school's computer.

But x-mas is coming and also holiday, yay! Let's continue with the advent calendar~

the 18th thing I want

A cat! Yes, I love cats but I never had any of them because my mother is allergic to them. It's sad but can't helped. I think dogs are also nice but I don't know why I prefer cats. Mayby because that its possibility to get one is smaller than dog's? Anyway, I have thought I could get one when I move to my own house.

the 19th thing I want

I have said earlier that I want MintyMix's wigs but this is something I want the most. I can't tell why but mayby it's the brown and pink together? :'D

the 20th thing I want

Oh yes if that's ever possible I really want Willy Wonka's Golden ticket! I think it doesn't need any explainin~

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