7. joulukuuta 2012

the 7th day of December

Many horoscopes says my lucky number is seven. Well, today is the 7th day of December and I really don't feel myself lucky. Today I got some my exams and I can't say I'm really proud of myself. Okey, I got one nine but the other numbers... haha.

But still it's my "lucky day" so let's focus on something else than school and numbers! Today I'll introduce something I would want someday when I'm rich bitch~

It's BJD! I'm not really keen on these dolls and stuffs but they are so beautiful so perhaps someday when I have time and money I perhaps buy one. Why maybe? BJDs are expensive and when you buy one sooner or later you'll buy another and another and so on. I don't know do I really want to start that kind of hobby but as I said when I have lots of money I could buy that.

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